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Lessons and Opportunities

Learning music and acquiring the ability to play a musical instrument is one of the greatest joys to experience in life.  It profoundly enriches our lives aesthetically.  I invite you to participate!

Lessons are given one to two times weekly.

Beginners                     30 minutes            

Intermediate                45 minutes             

Advanced                      1 hour    

Certificate of Merit  (recommended)
This is a yearlong study course offered by the Music Teachers Association of California.  There are ten levels.  Students perform select repertoire pieces for an appointed Evaluator and are tested in music theory and musicianship training.  Students are awarded certificates for each level upon successful completion of the requirements. 
Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program (recommended)
The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program consists of ten levels (1-10), Preparatory/Introductory Levels and Professional ARCT DIploma designations.  Each level includes repertoire, etude, technical tests, ear tests and sight reading.  Students progress at their own pace and move freely through the system.
Performance Workshops and Masterclasses
These extra performance opportunities are held in an intimate group setting.  They are less formal than a recital.  Students who participate are expected to be well prepared and must perform their pieces by memory.
Music Theory and Skills Workshops
Theory and Music Skills workshops are held in a classroom setting.   These workshops concentrate on reinforcing music theory, musicianship, and technical skills.  Students gain confidence through shared knowledge and fun music games.
Recitals (required)
Recitals are held two to three times per year.  Student participation is required.   These are semi-formal events.
Competitions and Festivals
Many of my students compete for trophies and ribbons in competitions and music festivals.  Standards are high.  Only highly motivated and qualified students will be asked to participate. 
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