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Passionate About Music


Founded over 25 years ago, The Sharon Collins Piano Studio is a destination for great music making and musical discovery.


    "My objective is to create skillful pianists who love music, and            who will be inspired to pass on their joy and love of music to future  generations.  I enjoy teaching music and have created a curriculum

that inspires students of all ages to learn and practice."

                                                              -Sharon Collins

Sharon Collins is a professional pianist, piano teacher, and chamber  music musician and coach. She provides individualized instruction in piano performance, musicianship training and music theory, and offers performance opportunities and unique musical experiences.


Ms Collins is a member of the Music Teachers’ Association (MTAC), the Music Teachers’ National Association (MTNA), and the California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT). She has served as an officer on the Board of Directors of MTAC-West Los Angeles as its Co-President, Treasurer, and Chairperson of the MTAC-WLA Concerto Competition. She has also been selected to serve as an Evaluator for the MTAC state-wide Certificate of Merit program and has served as an adjudicator for SYMF and other local piano competitions. Her students have won prizes in the Southern California Junior Bach Festival, SYMF,  Cypress College Piano Competition, MTNA Sonata/Sonatina Competition, various MTAC branch and solo competitions and winter festivals.


Along with her university degrees in music, she is the recipient of two pedagogy certificates from the Royal Conservatory of Music.

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